Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tires are known for quality and durability. This year, Cooper was awarded runner-up honors in the New Products Showcase for their Discoverer A/T3 light truck tires at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Products in the Showcase event are judged, among other attributes, for quality and workmanship, technical merit, and innovative superiority.

Of course, drivers who roll on Cooper Tires often provide the best Cooper Tires review.

Looking for information about Cooper Tires online, we found a website reviewing Cooper Tires, which quoted auto inspector Duncan Miles as endorsing Cooper Tires, as being “created through a very good technique by a specialized, experienced company that just doesn’t throw money away on publicity stunts.” He went on to praise Cooper as having tires he could recommend for parents to buy for their children’s cars, to ”help children who are just now starting to drive.”

Miles added that he felt Cooper Tires were also very good for situations where you need to be sure braking was enhanced by the tires themselves.

On the same review site, mechanic Greg Cooper, who said he has a set of Cooper Tires on his Honda, think they “are a great set of tires because they have a lot of smart tech features about them.”

His tires are the CS4 Touring with the 5 rib tread design, which he considers “one of the most advanced all weather technologies out there.” Four ribs are for improved traction in wet weather, he explained, “and the fifth provides improved cornering in rain.”

Couple that with the improved tapered circumferential sipes that remove water and snow from the tread area for better grip when stopping, he pointed out, and you have what he calls a “really great all weather tire.”

Cooper also noted the coupled silica compound used in all Cooper Tires helps the tires wear more slowly, while the carbon black of the rubber is highly elastic, working well in rainy conditions.

Cab driver Jan Willow also praised Cooper Tires, saying she has used the Cooper GFE tires, and they have great traction in wet or dry conditions.

Another Site, the River Mud Bog, was asked to do a Cooper Tires review by the tire company’s ad agency, and he tried out a set of Discoverer AT3 tires on his truck.

He said the tire is great-looking, although not super-aggressive, like some off-road tires. “The tread is pretty darn deep,” he said. The tires are silent up to about 65mph on the highway, but gets noisier after 72 mph. He said, This is definitely in line with other off-road tires, and actually is a good reminder (to me) to slow down and take my time.” How do they work off-road--- on farmland or in the woods? He said he tested braking and acceleration on surfaces like packed or loose gravel, wet sand and abandoned clay roadbed and the tires “performed wonderfully.”

He also praised the tires as “real off-road tires” with tread that “extends several inches up the sidewall, adding that while it won’t guarantee you won’t get the occasional puncture, but “you’re less likely to have a complete blowout that very moment, giving you time to get back on the road and most likely get to a tire repair place.”

Like most truck tires that get "worked," he said, you will need to re-inflate them from time to time.

“This is a solid tire,” he said. “I think Cooper fans will like this tire, and I think BFG, Nitto, and Yoko folks should take a real hard look at this configuration. I don't think you'll be disappointed.”